The Children’s Home and Teen Shelter


…Hannah and her little sister’s mom left their dad due to abuse, unfortunately she left the girls with him and disappeared.  Hannah never felt she and her little sister were safe with their dad, but no one listened.  After talking to a school counselor, the girls came to live at the children’s home.  They finally felt secure.  It took several months, and a foster home was located so both girls could stay together.  The search for their mom continued and after several years she was located and was willing to work on doing what was necessary to return the girls to her care.  This involved mom having a stable job, a suitable place to live and raise two girls as well as many personal hurdles.  She did the work and the girls have been returned to their mom.

The Children’s Home and Teen Shelter provide basic care and emergency shelter for abused, neglected, runaway and homeless youth 17 months to 17 years of age in North Texas serving an 11 county region. All youth are provided shelter, case management, supervision, food, clothing, counseling, daily living skills training, tutoring, and referrals for medical/psychological counseling services. All children are provided basic care items such as clothing, grooming needs, toys, books, and school supplies. Most importantly, they provide a safe place for these children to live.

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