The Children’s Home and Teen Shelter


… Alma’s mom struggled from substance abuse which created a ripple effect of problems for Alma and her two siblings. One day her mom left and did not return for two days. Upon her return, it was obvious this time was different. Her mom did not wake up! The children witnessed a Fentanyl overdose. Alma struggled with guilt feelings that she should have done more to help her mom. These three children found safety at the Children’s Home where they received new clothes, a warm environment, counseling, and long overdue medical check-ups. It was also Christmas time. They did not celebrate Christmas last year, but this one was extra special. Not only did they receive things from their list to Santa, but they were also reunited with their father. He had been searching for them since their mom disappeared with the children. After state placement approval, the children are now living with their dad realizing he did not abandon them and adjusting to a safe, loving home with a stable parent.

The Children’s Home and Teen Shelter provide basic care and emergency shelter for abused, neglected, runaway and homeless youth 17 months to 17 years of age in North Texas serving an 11 county region. All youth are provided shelter, case management, supervision, food, clothing, counseling, daily living skills training, tutoring, and referrals for medical/psychological counseling services. All children are provided basic care items such as clothing, grooming needs, toys, books, and school supplies. Most importantly, they provide a safe place for these children to live.

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