Camp Fire North Texas


…Jamaria has been coming to Camp Fire for 6 years. She and her brother are being raised by a single mom who is a Type 1 diabetic.  Jamaria is one responsible young lady – she has saved her mom’s life several times from a diabetic coma by calling her grandma and letting her know Mommy won’t wake up!  She now calls 911 to get 1st responders. Jamaria participates in all Camp Fire activities and is always one of the top candy sellers.  She attends summer camp each year and is so excited her brother will get to go this year. 

She is also a budding artist and has participated in the Boys and Girls club art contest for the last three years. She received 1st place all three years in the local area and in 2020 she made it to Nationals and received 1st place – Nationwide.

Camp Fire North Texas serves over 2,000 members annually through programs which inspire creativity, stimulate curiosity and teach life skills. The children we serve range in age from three through high school and participate in projects and activities provided through traditional clubs, outdoor/environmental venues, the Special Services After-School Program, the Day Camp & Swimming Program, and “Teens in Action”. Our caring staff provides encouragement, support and individual attention to youth who are struggling with issues at home, school and with their peers.

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