Camp Fire North Texas


…In 2019, Gage’s parents enrolled him in the Camp Fire Afterschool Program seeking social involvement with new friends and a place to just have fun. They found that and so much more. He quickly became the kid who wanted to be involved in all the activities. His parents were so impressed they enrolled his younger sister too. Right after the first of the year, Gage embraced the opportunity of selling Camp Fire Candy.  He quickly learned so many things – communication, money management, goal setting, and so much more.  Each year he sets a personal goal, many times based on prizes to be earned at various levels. This year he sold 90 boxes of candy and earned a Squish Mallow, Pizza Party and a Family Pool Pass for the summer. It was hard to tell who was happier – Gage or his family!

Camp Fire North Texas serves over 2,000 members annually through programs which inspire creativity, stimulate curiosity and teach life skills. The children we serve range in age from three through high school and participate in projects and activities provided through traditional clubs, outdoor/environmental venues, the Special Services After-School Program, the Day Camp & Swimming Program, and “Teens in Action”. Our caring staff provides encouragement, support and individual attention to youth who are struggling with issues at home, school and with their peers.

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