Camp Fire North Texas


… Corey fondly remembers attending Camp Fire Day Camp from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Over the years, he became a Junior Counselor and developed a passion for swimming, thanks to his instructor, Miss Beth. She even encouraged him to try out for his high school swim team. He says some of his best childhood experiences were at Camp Fire, singing Camp Fire songs, canoeing, and building lasting friendships with fellow campers. Today, Corey is a 15-year veteran of the Wichita Falls Police Department and uses some of the leadership skills he learned at Camp Fire in his daily adult life. He and his wife enjoy watching their son, Elliott, experience some of the exact same opportunities at day camp as he makes his own memories.

Camp Fire North Texas serves over 2,000 members annually through programs which inspire creativity, stimulate curiosity and teach life skills. The children we serve range in age from three through high school and participate in projects and activities provided through traditional clubs, outdoor/environmental venues, the Special Services After-School Program, the Day Camp & Swimming Program, and “Teens in Action”. Our caring staff provides encouragement, support and individual attention to youth who are struggling with issues at home, school and with their peers.

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