Boy Scouts

Northwest Texas Council of Boy Scouts of America

…To watch Chris teaching a group of Cub Scouts how to tie knots is an amazing thing to behold. You see Chris was born with diverse needs. Because of this, he was homeschooled and needed an outlet for socialization other than church. When he first joined Scouts, he was shy and withdrawn until one day he discovered he and a leader shared a passion for comics. Quickly he started to become more comfortable with the other boys. Chris is a team player; he loves to go to meetings and on campouts. Last year he was one of a 20-member Scout contingency that attended the World Jamboree in West Virginia with over 40,000 youth attending. Scouts help all kids from all walks of life to be the best they can be in all programs and life.

Northwest Texas Council, Boy Scouts of America serves 1,100 young people who participate annually in programs focusing on character, education, leadership training, plus Scouting’s signature outdoor classroom – Camping. The skills young men and women develop in the great outdoors are some of the most important in their lives. Scouting transforms impressionable youth into caring, responsible adults.


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