Child Advocates (CASA)


…For years Brooke was tossed around from place to place. She stayed with family members, group homes, and even residential treatment centers.  She came from a place where violence, sexual abuse, substance abuse, and toxic choices were normalized.  Some might say being in foster care was hard, but Brooke says she was saved.  She was placed with positive family members and provided a CASA who helped change her whole life.  “My CASA was my best friend and she believed in me.  I knew she cared for me and did not treat me like another case file.  Because of that positive redirection, I beat all the odds. I crushed every statistic and overcame every mountain that wanted to stop me from achieving my present success. While I endured several hardships as a child, it molded me into the woman I am today. I am strong. I am resilient. I am a warrior.

I am now prepared to help the next generation learn to 
believe in themselves and achieve greatness as well!”
– I am Brooke Shewmake, BSW
CASA Supervisor

Child Advocates serves the most innocent and vulnerable of our community, children who are victims of abuse and live in the foster care system.  Each Court Appointed Special Advocate or CASA speaks up and helps their child in court and life, and they stand by them until they find a home. Last year, they served 408 children.  CASAs believe every child deserves a chance, and you can help!


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