Child Advocates (CASA)


…Patti was a special education counselor for Montague County while Tara attended   elementary school there. Because Tara was in foster care, Patti took a special interest in her. By the time Tara was 15 she had been placed in a Residential Treatment Center near Houston, but a court date in Montague was coming up. Tara needed a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), and Patti was recruited as the perfect person to represent her! Six years later, although Tara has “aged out” of the foster care system, Patti stays in touch with Tara and remains a significant part of her life. Despite having lived in 27 different placements, Tara is making her way in the world as a young adult. CASA volunteers always have a great impact on the lives of the children they serve, but they do not typically know the children first. Patti was specifically chosen to be Tara’s CASA, and their relationship is an example of a success story that not only thrives but also endures.

Child Advocates serves the most innocent and vulnerable of our community, children who are victims of abuse and live in the foster care system.  Each Court Appointed Special Advocate or CASA speaks up and helps their child in court and life, and they stand by them until they find a home. Last year, they served 408 children.  CASAs believe every child deserves a chance, and you can help!


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