Child Advocates (CASA)


For 766 days Brooklyn, Reece and Autumn lived in a foster home. They were never alone as their CASA Crystal was always right there when they needed her for 754 of those days. She was everywhere their foster parents could not be and when they needed a little help and respite – she was there for them. There were lots of court dates as these transitions took place and Crystal was always there representing the children. She built a very strong bond with each of them. They always knew she was there just for them. The happy ending to this story is all three are safe, happy and healthy with their foster family that is now their forever family and Crystal is helping other children in our community.

Child Advocates serves the most innocent and vulnerable of our community, children who are victims of abuse and live in the foster care system.  Each Court Appointed Special Advocate or CASA speaks up and helps their child in court and life, and they stand by them until they find a home. Last year, they served 408 children.  CASAs believe every child deserves a chance, and you can help!


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