Boys & Girls Club

Of Burkburnett

…This Club is busting at the seams! With growth of 24% over the past 3 years, they can’t add space fast enough. The portable building was a nice addition but was quickly filled with students. The current building was designed to be two story and they are working diligently to raise the money to finish the upstairs which would increase the size by 4,800 sq. ft. With that completion, they could not only breath but expand programs and have more one-on-one time with their members which is especially helpful during homework time.

What you may not realize…..the after-school program is a no-fee program. As the numbers grow the needs increase for staff, operating costs and program expense. That is why this campaign is so important to the Club.

Youth ages 5-18 benefit from programs provided by the Boys & Girls Club of Burkburnett. In addition to sports leagues, the club provides an After School-Program and Summer Camp to the youth of Burkburnett and the surrounding community including SAFB. Members receive transportation from all Burkburnett ISD Schools, daily hot meals through Kids Café, homework assistance, and many more programs to create leaders for tomorrow.

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