Boys & Girls Club

Of Burkburnett

…Mallory has been a youth member since she was 5 years old. When Mallory was 8 years old, a tragic accident changed her life forever. Her father was killed in a tragic accident. When Mallory is asked by other kids about her Dad, she answers by asking questions, “did you hear about the motorcycle accident that killed a prison guard?” When they say yes, she simply says “that was my Dad.”
Mallory stayed out of school for a day, when she came back, she also came back to the Burkburnett Boys & Girls Club. She said the club helped her overcome some of her sadness because she knew the staff here loves her and would help her if she needed it. She still has the heart necklace with a picture of her and her dad, that was given to her by the Burkburnett Boys & Girls Club staff. She said the necklace is still so special she only allows her mom, brother, and sister to touch it.

Youth ages 5-18 benefit from programs provided by the Boys & Girls Club of Burkburnett. In addition to sports leagues, the club provides an After School-Program and Summer Camp to the youth of Burkburnett and the surrounding community including SAFB. Members receive transportation from all Burkburnett ISD Schools, daily hot meals through Kids Café, homework assistance, and many more programs to create leaders for tomorrow.

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