The Arc of Wichita County


…At 28 years of age, Grace decided to make a life changing move. She lived with her mom, but decided she wanted to live more independently. She has always been well loved and protected, as many individuals with intellectual and development disabilities are, but she was ready. On February 14, 2022 Grace let her wishes be known and proceeded under the Arc’s independent living program which is designed to help people find their own limitations. She can now slowly chase her dreams and begin her own journey by “having the freedom to live my life my way and accept any challenges that may come.” Spread your wings Grace!

The Arc exists to serve adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing a variety of programs and services. These programs include: a Day Hab for adults, social activities for teens and adults, summer camps for all ages, employment services, a self-advocacy group, a teen after-school transition program, and an integrated child care program for children with and without disabilities.

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