The Arc of Wichita County


…10-year-old Grady was born a micro-preemie causing developmental delays, chronic lung disease as well as making him wheelchair bound.  Before attending the Arc Child Care Program, Grady’s socialization was very limited. He is now very social and loves to play with his friends as well as the staff. In addition to the childcare program, Grady also attends the monthly parent’s night-out social event and the yearly summer camp. Grady is also the reason why The Arc began an after-school transportation program. He found it difficult to ride the bus for such a long route and now he enjoys The Arc staff picking him up from school every day. The Arc has brought so much joy to Grady’s life and he brings 
joy to all who come to 
know him.

The Arc exists to serve adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing a variety of programs and services. These programs include: a Day Hab for adults, social activities for teens and adults, summer camps for all ages, employment services, a self-advocacy group, a teen after-school transition program, and an integrated child care program for children with and without disabilities.

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