Straight Street


At age 9, Willie Phillips lost his mom. CPS stepped in to help as he was 1 of 3 brothers in desperate need of guidance in life. He has never known his dad.
A CPS worker brought Willie to SS, under special arrangement with his age, he had lead a very sheltered life up to that point. Several people including a SS Board Member made Willie a Priority and made a way to help his grandmother get custody. He was able to go to camp, have a Safe Place on the weekends and help him “open back up” and build confidence as we told him, “you can do something Great with your life.” More importantly, He Believed he could.
During those very difficult, yet significant teenage years…a Police officer at Rider High School, noticed that Willie was truly something special and took him under his wing. Officer King has spent time with Willie outside of school…hunting, going out to eat, and cooking for the Phillips family. Willie will tell you, Officer King is closest thing he’s ever had to a father figure.
Today, at 20 Willie Phillips is at Cisco on football scholarship and has become an Amazing young man. He comes back to SS to Give back, every time he is home.

Straight Street is our local mission field. It was birthed out of gang violence, and is creating change in the lives of young people in our community.

The mission and purpose of Straight Street is to provide a SAFE Christian environment where “at-risk” youth can obtain the necessary skills and training needed to mature and discover God’s divine plan for their lives.

For our purposes, an “at-risk” youth is a young person between the ages of 11 and 18 years old who is behaving in such a way that if a caring adult does not step into their life with some help, there is a high likelihood they will hurt themselves or someone else.


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