You are invited to our March event brought to you in the comfort of your home on prime-time television.

Damon West was an All American Kid, Star Quarterback in high school and at the University of North Texas, worked in Austin at the State Capital and then on to Washington D.C. and finally landed in Dallas as a broker with UBS. It looked like a perfect life on paper until he began to travel down the wrong path.

He lost his job, home, car, savings, his self-respect, everything. The next time anyone would hear of Damon West was on the evening news when they touted, they had arrested “The Uptown Burglar.” Damon had supported his habit robbing Dallas homes where he had once lived. After 10 months in the Dallas County Jail, at age 33, he was convicted for these property crimes and sentenced to 65 years in prison.

Join us March 25th to hear the rest of the story! It is one phenomenal story from beginning to end!

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