The Children’s Aid Society of West Texas


In the spring of 2018 Isabella came to the Teen Shelter. Her mother was recently deported, and her father was struggling to raise a teenage daughter on his own. Feeling the loss, Isabella looked to a male peer for emotional support and ultimately ran away from home.  As a 14-year-old girl she was trying to fit in, sometimes by compromising her family values.
Isabella had difficulty dealing with the struggles of adolescents and started cutting her arms. She was bullied by some peers and felt lost without her mother. She and dad argued over boundaries and freedom. Mom was the person who kept the home calm.
With the help of the Children’s Aid Society’s –Teen Shelter Program the family was able to work on their issues in counseling and get much needed mental health services. Isabella was able to strengthen her coping skills and mend her relationship with her father.

The Children’s Home and Teen Shelter provide basic care and emergency shelter for abused, neglected, runaway and homeless youth 17 months to 17 years of age in North Texas serving an 11 county region. All youth are provided shelter, case management, supervision, food, clothing, counseling, daily living skills training, tutoring, and referrals for medical/psychological counseling services. All children are provided basic care items such as clothing, grooming needs, toys, books, and school supplies. Most importantly, they provide a safe place for these children to live.

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